Our ethos is all about sustainable luxury. A contemporary approach that looks both at today and the future

Our approach

Our ethos is all about sustainable luxury, a contemporary approach that looks both at today and at the future.

We started from a conservative renovation and developed the project trying to find the perfect compromise between comfort, luxury and respect for the environment in every activity, service and detail.

We make the most of the energy generated by our solar panels to heat/cool the relais and subsequently have chosen to stay closed in the colder months to contain our environmental impact and minimize the use of fossil fuels. We have installed electric charging stations for cars, we recover rainwater to water the garden, we use refill bottles for room products to reduce the use of plastic.

Luxury for us means offering our clients the chance to choose their own made to measure breakfast, which they can enjoy either in their suite or wherever they desire within the relais. The Breakfast menu also includes a menu dedicated just to “eggs”. We believe this is a more sustainable and waste free approach versus a buffet breakfast.

A "no waste" approach which doesn't comprise our guests comfort

Vegetable Garden & Partnership

A large vegetable garden cultivated with obsessive care is one of the precious assets available to our kitchen for vegetables and a multitude of aromatic herbs. This allows us to make the most of seasonality, the environment and soil characteristics.

It is also symbiotic; in fact, the composter of wet waste allows it to be reused for fertilization.

Broad beans, asparagus, and peas for Spring; tomatoes, aubergines and peppers for summer; pumpkin, artichokes, and cabbage for the colder season.

This gives life to a tasting menu dedicated to our vegetable garden, available at L’Orangerie by Di Pinto.

Before the opening, meticulous research was carried out in the area to find local suppliers who, in addition to being very close to Km.0, married our philosophy of quality and of sustainability, and this continues today, with a view to constantly improvement this.

Starting from the “La Granda Quality Food” consortium, a slow food presidium, which imposes strict regulations on its farmers to maintain environmental (with symbiotic agriculture), animal and social well-being; from hazelnuts to tomatoes grown with an avant-garde technique, each supplier is actually a real partner, as are other brands that share the “Sustainable Luxury” philosophy with us

Photo credits: La Granda

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