An old farmhouse in the heart of the Langhe has started to shine again thanks to its transformation into a luxury relais. Good taste, pleasure and relaxation are part of our everyday philosophy.


Born from the recovery of an old 16th-17th century barn, it has always been a historical reference point for all the citizens of Bossolasco. Many of them have a great little story to tell linked to this place, in fact it was a barn where most of their families and their ancestors worked.

After a long conservative renovation, today it changes its look and becomes a place of luxury hospitality, which aspires to be a cornerstone for this wonderful area of Piedmont, a territory that has been able to attract international attention above all thanks to its food and wine. Today the barn has been completely renovated and transformed in a Relais. Thanks to the recovery of old cement tiles for floors, the use of debris from the building site to strengthen the surrounding earth, to the scouring of local markets and auctions to find precious trinkets to make this structure unique. We also used a local workforce to assure that the heart of the building remained the same. The Relais now welcomes it guest to savour a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy good food every moment of the day.

The signature of this splendid project is the commitment and heart of Arianna Cefis, the owner. A chance meeting and love at first sight that binds Arianna and this corner of the Langhe which has returned to shine thanks to her passion.

The recovery of old cement tiles from various Piedmontese farmhouses for the floors, the reinforced earth made with the debris of the works, furnishings and artisan trinkets, many small details for a structure which, with the collaboration and work only of local people, has maintained its original base. Today it is completely renovated and transformed into a relais where good taste, atmosphere, pleasure, and relaxation are essential elements of every moment of the day.

Bossolasco is also known as “the Land of Roses”, it hosts around 350 varieties of roses throughout the village and to preserve its tradition, a further 12 varieties of English roses have been planted within the structure, selected for their adaptability and resistance at altitude.

Il Relais riapre

il 25 marzo

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