L'Orangerie by Di Pinto, Il Giardino Trattoria & Pizzeria and Crystal Bar: taste and elegance for any time of the day

by Di Pinto

Sober tones, citrus plants, grand piano and wrought iron chairs with soft cushions, make up our splendid panoramic “Orangerie” which overlooks the whole valley where Monviso dominates.

The gourmet restaurant with open kitchen is led by Roberto Di Pinto, renowned chef of Sine by Di Pinto in Milan and has Luca La Peccerella as frontman of the kitchen, a chef who has been part of his brigade for several years.

Cuisine and Menu

An elegant and refined cuisine that has Italian tradition as its foundation. Roberto’s Neapolitan origins and a link with the territory, has been translated into contemporary dishes that speak to both an Italian and an international audience. A la carte menu flanked by two tasting menù, “Piacere Roberto” (7 dishes) and “Piacere Luca” (freehand), to which is added a simpler daily proposal for lunch and a Sunday brunch focused on territoriality and families. Finally, there is also a Chef’s table that seats up to 6 people for those who want an experience with direct contact with the chef.

Menu Ristorante

Alta Langa Brunch

Sunday is feast, happiness and conviviality and for us it means brunch. The complete facility from restaurant to bar and garden is equipped with buffet island with local specialities, Italian traditional dishes, fine refined cheese, oysters and raw fish, crepes prepared on the spot and cotton candy not just for kids.

Il Giardino

Il Giardino
Trattoria & Pizzeria

A great novelty this season, “Il Giardino”. A double soul, trattoria for midweek lunch and pizzeria for dinner.

La trattoria

La Trattoria offers a simpler cuisine with strong links to local taste and traditional dishes, ideal for a tasty and informal midweek lunch. Always led by Roberto and Luca.

Menu Trattoria


La pizzeria satisfies pizza enthusiasts with a long levitation dough very tasty and digestible.

The result is slightly more crunchy, without oversize pizza crust. A dozen versions, even in smaller formats, five traditional and five more gourmet, dedicated both to the Langhe and to Roberto’s origins.

Menu Pizzeria

Crystal Bar & Lounge

For those who want something tasty to accompany a glass of Alta Langa, the Crystal Bar offers the perfect mix to enjoy the sunset in the delightful and shaded outdoor lounge, or inside, where the green and red tones, the imposing counter covered in green onyx, and refined hand-painted details on the walls characterize the “Crystal Bar”.

In addition to classics drinks prepared to perfection, we pride ourselves on our signature cocktails created by Domenico Carella (owner and bar manager of Carico in Milan).

Menu Crystal Bar

Reservation and Information

L'Orangerie by Di Pinto

Open for dinner from 7:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.
Open for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for brunch
Closed on Tuesday

Il Giardino | Trattoria & Pizzeria

Trattoria open for lunch from Monday to Friday from 12:30 P.M. to 14:30 P.M.
Pizzeria open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.
Closed on Monday evening

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